Welcome To My Place

I create this site as a gesture of service to my brothers and sisters on this Earth. I have passion for truth, goodness, freedom, personal development, redemption, resolution, renewal, wisdom, health, healing and empowerment.

I'm in the ever continuing process of healing and resolving, learning the ropes, discovering more and winging it myself. I'm stoked to share what I'm learning with you so to assist in our evolution to a stronger and brighter place. Back to the Zion we build and create. So here goes...

At times information I speak here may be somewhat raw, harsh and brutal. My suggestion is don't just judge what I'm saying by the emotional reflex reaction you may at first have towards it. Ask intelligently of yourself: does this make sense? Does it feel true? Most of this stuff can be verified, but it takes willingness to pay attention and spend time seeking and developing real awareness of truth.

I was wrong. I realise that I had been labouring under the non-sense delusion that through magical positive thinking, better circumstances were going to descend upon me, and after that had happened, then it would be time to go about doing real good in the world, and still have my egoic desires catered to. Yeah, right. Fuck that. The time is now, this is it. There's no one else coming to rescue us from our own free-will-full, immoral, ignore-ance of truth other than the one looking back at us in the mirror. Tough love.

We are in the midst of spiritual warfare, there are very real dark occult forces working to keep humanity sick, enslaved, ignore-ant and in impotent mediocrity. The main battle being faced by each of us is on the personal, individual soul level. As a person with some awareness of this, I quote an analogy that I heard from Mark Passio: The state of the world today can be likened to a house that is burning down. If you're in that house, and so is your family, are you going to eat and watch TV? or are you going to do what you can to help with getting you and your family the fuck out of there? What if your family members are suffering from cognitive dissonance/mental illness whereby they believe that they are in no danger and wish to stay put?

We are all one cosmic family, and so I heed this calling to help in the ways that I can in this literal war that is raging between light and dark, between truth and lies.

I've decided to write articles covering a range of topics that I find valid and useful in the journey of healing, creating a beautiful life and prospering in one's noble endeavours.


I see that pillars of a beautiful life are:


Truth. Alignment with and service to.


Courage. Intelligence.


Peace in mind, body and spirit.

Healthy, respectful, conscious attitude towards that which is around and within oneself.

Clean, conscious and compassionate high vibrational diet.

Connecting with nature.

Feeling a connection and belonging to ones divinity, to ones creator.

Having clear, noble intention and will. care-fully acting in concert to make it manifest.





Grateful appreciation. Wonder.



So expect to find info here delving deeper into the development and adoption of said pillars and beyond.


I wish you all the very best in the healing and renewal of your sacred life and soul. May The Force be with you!


With Love,



P.S When I consulted my tarot deck about this whole mission, These were the cards I pulled. Go figure: