Declarations and Affirmations


Throughout my journey of self healing there have been phases where I've found it useful to do a declaration / affirmations one to three times a day. I would usually write out a different declaration upon each new moon to keep the practice feeling fresh.

In a sense this kind of stuff is most pertinent when the shadow / pain is still fairly unresolved. As it helps to neutralise the conflicting self doubt and negative reflex actions / feelings that we may tend towards. As we become more embodied the relevance of it may subside.

Affirmations are good for solidifying in your consciousness where you are willing yourself into existing. Of course simply thinking and affirming these things probably isn't just going to make them all magically manifest. There are certain requirements that need to be met. However affirming them to yourself, and having the care, willingness and openness to take appropriate action towards their manifestation can be the best recipe for success.

I've been through stages where I'd have 3 documents (morning, afternoon, and night). The declaration at the beginning of each document was the same, however the affirmations beneath are chosen to best suit that particular time of day from a master list that I have. It is also more powerful if you speak the words aloud when appropriate rather than just reading in your head, as on an energy level this brings them more deeply into the physical present.

If this sounds good for you, below I share a sample declaration drafted from one I wrote a while ago, and also many of the affirmations from my master list. You're welcome to use / draw upon mine, or find others elsewhere. If you can write your own then that may be more empowering.

Something I find with discipline is that it can be important and vital at the beginning of the journey of getting our shit together and taming the ego. As we progress and evolve into being more embodied we may see where it's OK to loosen up. It's personal to each individual. It's a balancing act, and an 'If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and go again' thing.



New Moon Declaration 06.16


Life truly is a deeply precious and beautiful gift. It is sacred, and deserves my full respect and attention. I forgive myself for wasting and squandering my life and resources to some extent, as I, like so many others have been tormented, weak, misguided and bought into nonsense.

However now I really do endeavour to get it right, I make the decision to honour myself and God through concerted action and living. Now is a time to heal, tidy and study, so that I can move on through the world with a beautiful energy and love, integrate, share and prosper with my cosmic family.

I acknowledge that there is real danger here, and real, untoward forces that would tow me back down the wounded, unconscious ego's path of indulgence and distraction. I remember what this feels like, and with strong resolve, affirm that I am doing, creating and nurturing a truly beautiful existence that is aligned with divine, angelic love, beauty, wisdom, strength and courage. On through now, to bigger and brighter things x

Disciplines to follow till next moon:

To read this declaration 3 times a day: morning when ready, 2.20pm, and evening 9.30pm

Diet: Conscious, conscientious eating. Vegan. High raw, high vibrational, correct portions, with gratefulness and humility. Chewing each mouthful consciously. Celery juice every morning, preparing evening before. Fermenting. Less sugar, break-fast when actually hungry enough to want and enjoy fruit. Make a big batch of green juice at least twice a week. Far less cheating.

Every morning: quiet time for prayer and mediation.

Then reading through to-do lists and making daily plans to adhere to.

Pray before going to sleep for the celestial forces to retrieve me.

Conscious use of pyschoactives. I know what is and isn't OK here. Act accordingly.

Exercise: I am to do a good workout at least twice a week.

Study: I am to study for a significant amount of time every day, this can be reading or listening to audio books, or watching educational videos.

Fasting: A 1 day fast each week. A 3 day fast each month. A 7 day minimum fast each season.




Affirmations of Heart and Feeling


It's by embracing humility and putting ego aside that I manage to maintain the discipline necessary to evolve in the most beautiful direction. Thank you.

I embrace my strength and courage and live as the true beautiful, powerful and positive warrior that I am capable of being. Always seeking out the right courses of action that serve the best interests of our brightest evolution. Thank you.

I see that I don't truly need anything or anyone; other than what by the grace of God I already have, attract and let come to me. Emotionally, I stand straight. Thank you.

I honour my time here in this life, and the sacredness of it, by the way that I conduct myself within my circumstances. Thank you.

I view and feel all beings around me with soft, kind eyes and heart. Upholding my dignity and poise, walking attentively and peacefully through life. Genuinely smiling and treating others with tenderness, generosity and respect. In everyone's eyes, I see, honour and feel the creator. Thank you.

I continue to significantly process and heal my shadow, pain and wounds with love, conscious attention and awareness. Thank you.

I'm well organized with my affairs, I establish and perform my intentions and actions in optimal sequence and time frames. Thank you.

I have a rich, beautiful and magical life. I am honoured and privileged by the places I find myself going to and the people I find myself with. Thank you.

I have regular, profound, beautiful and insightful lucid dreams that I am able to recall. Thank you.

I have good relations with my neighbours and community, with feelings of mutual respect. Thank you.

I align with the divine angelic forces that exist, and honour the sacredness of this precious life. Thank you.

I'm warm, and I offer life my kindness, compassion, love, empathy and respect. Thank you.

I'm inspired by the virtuous victories of my role models. Thank you.


Affirmations pertaining to my Physical State


I generate an abundance of energy and vitality with which to carry out The Great Work. Thank you.

My predominant focus is how I AM, with appropriate attention to how I look. I dress and keep myself well, fresh and beautiful. Thank you.

I've successfully made the transition from living to eat to eating to live. My diet is as conscious, compassionate, clean and high vibrational as I can willingly manage. Intuitively going for what truly best serves. Selecting, preparing and consuming with consciousness and love.

I embrace optimal posture for myself, along with conscious breathing. Thank you.

I'm well within myself, I create and maintain my state of love, radiant health, virtue, discipline, vitality, able bodiedness, integrity, joy, courage, strength, fitness, prosperity, humility, vision, awareness and sacredness. Thank you.

My mental health is strong, I think and act appropriately and thus I'm confident in my actions. I trust in God that all is appropriate. Thank you.

My mental dialogue is minimal, and conducive to my brightest evolution. I manage my thoughts well, paying attention and honouring the sacred present. Thank you.

I am present in life, the moment. Appreciating the unique blessing that each stage, day and moment in life truly is. I love and appreciate this truth. Thank you.


Affirmations of Action


I dedicate significant energy to magickal practice and I love how this enriches and beautifies my life. Thank you.

A large portion of life is dedicated to self development: I read, exercise, train, create, organize, write and serve myself and all. Thank you.

I meditate every day for an optimal amount of time, this serves my soul and grants me peace, healing and insight. Thank you.

My flat is beautifully decorated and good levels of cleanliness and tidiness are maintained. Thank you.

I'm sufficiently fit and strong. I love exercising and martial arts and my body is a vital, healthy and beautiful vessel. Thank you.

I embrace cold showers and bathing, and I love the way this heals and energizes my being. Thank you.

I see the value in being predominantly straight edge. Life is beautiful and I am able to socialize and enjoy all it has to offer whilst simply being comfortable and present as my sober self, and I love the way this empowers my life. Thank you.

My use of psychoactives is conscious, care-full and intelligent. Done when, where and how appropriate, it enriches my life experience. Thank you.

I continue to find and embrace the best personal ways to be of help and service at any given time, and I continue to expand my capacity for this. Thank you.


I've written other affirmations about things of a more specified, personal nature that I endeavour to will into creation (God willing). You may also feel to.


Temet Nosce