Heroes, Teachers, Role Models and Guides


For the awareness that I posses, I owe enormous gratitude to the giants upon who’s shoulders I ride. Without these heroes, I'd probably be fucking lost.

My knowledge is accredited to the information I've borne witness to. Much of this information has been presented to me by people. Now whilst I may not agree with everything every one of them has ever said or done; through endeavouring to use intelligent, intuitive discernment, I take and integrate what feels right and true. It's up to you to do the same. So below is a list of the heroes, teachers, role models and guides that are or have been helping me to evolve to a more authentic, bright way of being. I hope they help and enrich you as they have me.

I've decided to list [almost] alphabetically. However the ones I've found to be of most help are: Ronnie Whittaker (most recently), Stuart Wilde, Mark Passio, Barry Long, Victor Oddo, Bill Hicks and the Revelations of an Insider document.


Ayahuasca, and other Earthly and Worldly Medicines

Sacred Mother Ayahuasca, You have blessed and healed me so profoundly. Shown me so much. The true multidimensional nature of ourselves and reality. Shown me mine, and our collective shadow and hellishness in its horrific magnitude. Also our divine, celestial potential. The beauty of those heavenly realms is beyond words. You may be in for an intense and at times difficult, uncomfortable and scary journey, but that's what being a brave warrior is all about. If you stay ignorant to these things out of fear, then that will limit your capacity to truly evolve and grow up. To learn more about this powerful teacher/medicine I recommend watching these videos. There is also the Ayahuasca manifesto document that I haven't yet read, but it's been highly recommended by people I trust.

There are also many other beautiful medicines of creation that have helped me, including Iboga, Peyote, San Pedro, Kambo, Mushrooms, Cannabis, Cacao, Opium, Alcohol. Even the synthetic, worldly medicines / drugs like mdma, Ketamine, and Cocaine have had their place in my evolution and life experience, and I'm grateful for that. Though I don't care to imbibe in them that often any more.

Ayahuasca Manifesto

David Wolfe on Ayahuasca (short)

Graham Hancock - The War on Consciousness BANNED TED TALK

Ronnie Whittaker - Ayahuasca and Iboga - Plant Medicines

DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2010) HD


Barry Long

I was pointed to him by my lovely Iboga medicine woman. He has been helping me to stop thinking. To stop living through mind, and be more present and conscious. Thank God. Thinking sucks, the way I used to think anyway...

How to stop thinking

Going into me

Start meditating now


Big Narstie aka Uncle Pain

With wise, hilarious advice that I've found to be sound as a pound and deeply rooted in the ground.

Celebrity Paedophiles [Uncle Pain]

Responds To The Royal Baby

"All My Stuff Is In Cash Converters" [Uncle Pain]


Bill Hicks

I really love this guy. Discovering him as a young teenager saved me from feeling spiritually alone in the world. He was a fucking prophet in my eyes. I highly recommend anything and everything ever by him. As well as the documentary “American: The Bill Hicks Story”.

What they don't want you to know

Bill Hicks Story - Mushroom trip

Gays in the Military

Revelations gig - full

One Night Stand gig - full


Bob Marley

A man worthy of the universal love and respect bestowed upon him by the people of the world. Some people must just be too white for their own good, as they won't appreciate reggae. Oh well. For the rest of us Bob Marley has the potential to be beautiful medicine for the soul. A truly wise warrior with the voice of an angel, and a deep understanding of the spiritual battles taking place here. No one else's music has the power to make me well up as much as this guy. My favourite albums are now confrontation and survival.

Reincarnated Souls

Soul Rebel

Small Axe

Punky Reggae Party

Stiff Necked Fools

Babylon System

One Drop

Forever Loving Jah

Crazy Baldhead

Natural Mystic


Bridget Nielsen

Sweet girl. Has some interesting, insightful and useful information. ETs. Spirituality. Healthy Lifestyle and Hybrids!

Youtube Channel

10 Tips to assist your spiritual awakening in a city & modern culture


Brother David Steindl-Ras

A Benedictine monk who is helping me to be grateful. Thanks.

"A Good Day"

How to be Grateful


David Icke

I was well into him before my interest shifted more towards the work of Stuart Wilde. I still rate him highly though as his research and presentation of information is very commendable. Sad how most people through their social conditioning and cognitive dissonance laugh and dismiss him as nuts without ever actually listening to and considering what he's saying. He may not be completely right about everything, but who is? I highly recommend watching some of his presentations to get more clued up about some of what we are contending with here.

Wembley 'Awaken' Presentation 2014


Gigi Young

Have really felt the wisdom and intelligence communicated here clicking certain truths in me. Thanks.

Youtube Channel



Immortal Technique

I love this guy's music. I was honoured to see him live in Brighton years ago. The album I've played the most is Revolutionary Volume 2. Highly recommend it.

I don't rate his homophobia or attitude towards murdering animals for food... But oh well... I guess no one's perfect.

One Remix feat Akir

Leaving the Past

Caught in a hustle


The Hindu Gods

I'm not Hindu. The caste system is a bit off. I know these beings exist though, on some level(s). Had fleeting visions of them a few times in life, sometimes whilst sober, sometimes whilst not sober. I have special fondness for Hanuman, a monkey warrior God of devotion, prowess and courage against whatever odds. And Saraswati, a Goddess of eloquence, intelligence and creation. Stuart Wilde has said before that they have been human like us, worked on themselves and evolved their being. Also they can make mistakes and go dark sometimes. They often reside in worlds of immense beauty which they guard ferociously against the demonic. I find it inspiring. Want to learn more about them.


Jesus Christ

Whether or not we can prove that this guy actually existed 2000 years ago is somewhat beside the point. The powerful story of his work and the moral codes that are acknowledged therein is what matters most, and they are eternal and universal. So how much does it really matter if it was a literal individual or an allegory? Mixture of both, I reckon. Stuart Wilde and other people have said that Jesus was an incarnation of Krishna. Why not? Christ and Krishna even sound similar, there must be a reason for that.

I also highly recommend reading 'The Essene Gospel of Peace'. It is lost scripture, found in the Vatican vaults in 1923 by the divinely guided Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. In it Jesus talks about not eating animals, as when you do, you eat your spiritual brother. As we are both children of the earthly mother that possess in us the breath of life. Also not killing your food in the fire. Along with fasting, colon cleansing and more. Make of it what you will, I was certainly very moved by its beauty.

Another point that many Christians like to overlook is that Jesus, as far as I know, didn't express indignation toward pagans. The brunt of his 'beef' was aimed at the religious / government / authority / establishment structures and minions of his time. He was a renegade who went against the status quo and unconscious belief / behaviour structures of his day. And he wasn't a Christian, just like how Buddha wasn't a Buddhist.

Essene Gospel of Peace



Vegan Straight Edge Badman. I love his 'Integrity' album. Enough said.


Test Me



Khris Krepcik

A warrior of the Stuart Wilde lineage, he has some good stuff on his website




This brother has some cool insight into raw vegan lifestyle, but what really made me want to connect with and befriend him is his sharp, wise and sincere demeanour and his videos about magick that have inspired me with stuff.

He also makes beautiful music with his band 'Second Culture'. I suggest checking it out.

Dangers in making all your decisions based on "SCIENCE"

Second Culture - Sorting Sanctuary



I went through phases of watching a lot of this guy. He is wise, intelligent, sincere, and knows his shit (especially these days). I have felt a bit annoyed with his clean cut “All I see is light.” modality, as it's felt like he's been hiding from / denying darkness. But I dunno, maybe it's not for me to judge. If that's how he wants to be then that's his choice. I felt a strong connection with him through watching his videos, though I haven't watched any in ages. He is a brother.

Youtube Channel


Marcus Oakey

'The Charisma Coach'. I downloaded his free eBook: 'How to talk to anybody without fear of rejection' and really enjoyed it. So for those of us who can be a bit socially awkward and want to work on it, maybe check him out.





Mark Passio

The Passionate Warrior. This guy knows and understands a lot. And I commend his courage, dedication and presentation of information. I'd say his presentations are essential viewing for truly getting a clearer picture of what we are contending with in regards to the satanic controllers of the world. He was a priest in the church of Satan for 10 years, so he knows a thing or two about the subject... and much more that humanity would do well to be informed about and act upon.

Natural Law Seminar

The Matrix Trilogy Decoded

The Cult Of Ultimate Evil - Order-Followers & The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine

De-Mystifying the Occult Seminar

Everything I Needed To Know In Life, I Learned By Watching The Wizard Of Oz

Occult Mockery Of Police & Military Personnel

The Best Explanation Of Aleister Crowley's Core Philosophy

Kick-Ass Interview on Cancel The Cabal

On Carnism


Markus Rothkranz

When I decided it was time to rescue myself out of the sorry state that I got into after episode 2, I turned to his 'Heal yourself 101' book. He is now giving away the latest version of it as a free ebook download on his website. Good man. Highly recommend it, as the difference between a conventional toxic diet and lifestyle and the cleansed, conscious and high vibrational lifestyle he lives is like the difference between night and day.

If you want to know about real health and nutrition, this guy would be my recommendation.

He and his girlfriend are like 55 and 50 respectively now. If you look at them... what further proof do you need that you can be happy, healthy and thriving with an intelligent vegan diet and conscious lifestyle? Without needing to be party to the violence and exploitation that most of humanity tries to justify or simply doesn't give a fuck about doing unto animals.

His intelligence goes beyond nutrition to other mind/body/spirit stuff.

Youtube channel

Heal Yourself 101- never get sick again

SPEECH OF A LIFETIME ! Passionate Words to Live By



I love this guy's YouTube channel. He has a good style and knows his shit in regards to herbal medicine and other matters. He has cool videos on a range of interesting topics. When I have the disposable cheddar I definitely envisage buying and using his products.



Ralph Smart aka 'Infinite Waters (diving deep)'

This guy's good. Makes me laugh. My mum really likes his videos, and they've been helping her quite a bit.

10 Steps to LET GO of Your MENTAL BAGGAGE


Rasa Lila Healling

This guy uploads astrology reports every new and full moon. Love them. The astrology of the evolution of our consciousness. Kudos.

Youtube Channel


Revelations of an elite family insider 2005

Not what you might first think. This document really shook and stirred something deep in me when I first read it over a decade ago. Whoever actually wrote it and how much of it is really truth, I can't say. The bit about meat consumption is of questionable integrity if nothing else. However I felt I got a lot downloaded through it. It's had profound influence on my perception and life. After reading it again after some years... Wow.

I feel I should re-read it more often as I've not come across anyone or anything like it before or since. My recommendation is to invest some time in it, and making of it what you will.

Read it here


Ronnie Whittaker

A fellow warrior connected with the Stuart Wilde lineage. I am blessed to have benefited from some of his online courses / study groups. The most recent having just been his 'Resolution of Being' Course.

Highly recommend checking out his website and You Tube channel.


Youtube Channel

Warriors of Eschaton Course Playlist


Stuart Wilde

Ah... The Scallywag! I've been referring to this guys work since I first made the conscious decision to evolve spiritually. I don't bother with a lot of the rinky dink “Living in love and light, heads in the sand, bums up.” lilac new age fart cloud wafting around out there. But this guy had the courage, integrity and authenticity to tell it like it is in regards to all the demonic manipulation taking place here. He also didn't shy away from pointing out the essential need for us to process our own darkness and work towards developing humility, integrity and realness. As painful as some of it is to look at; doing so, and then taking sincere, concerted action facilitates powerful self healing and redemption.

Rest in Peace, Brave Soldier.


The Hand

Getting what you want-- handy trick

Perception& Sensuality

Tears of Gaia

Spiritual Evolution of Dogs Stuart Wilde

Hello God 2.m4v SW all Time favorite Video

Karma, Love and the Fall of Tyrants

Interview on Ron James' Bigger Questions - Ivolve TV

The Fringe Dwellers Guide to (almost) Everything - Las Vegas 2012 gig part 1

Audio Book - Infinite Self - 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power


Tavis Bradley

A living foods healer of the essene modality. I discovered this guy through liferegenerator. He really seems to know his stuff, and strikes me as very wise and intelligent. Shame he hasn't released that much info, as I know he's sitting on some real gold. Tavis, I implore you to please write and record more stuff for us. God knows we need it.

Youtube Channel


Victor Oddo

I stumbled across this guys YouTube channel some time ago as a suggestion when I was watching videos about the 'dark night of the soul'.

He starts most of his videos with something like “Hey guys, my name is Victor, and I make videos to help people navigate their awakening process.”

That's a pretty good description. I've watched loads of his videos and subscribe to his channel. Found them very helpful. Thanks.

Glad to see recently that he's been ditching the meat and going back to a more plant based diet. Good stuff bro.

Youtube Channel

Kundalini Awakening - (What is Kundalini?)


Vironika Tugaleva

I absolutely loved her book 'The Love Mindset'. I could really relate to a lot of what she says. Highly recommend.


Video: Awakening to the Love Mindset


Vegetable Police

This guy makes me laugh so much. His videos are informative and entertaining, and I've so enjoyed going with him on his journey of life, veganism and health. Thank you bro, I wish you great success. You deserve it.

He also makes cool music.

Youtube Channel

Thoughts That Make People FAT And Keep Them OBESE

Medical Medium Book Review

Nintendo Switch Review

Funny Vegan Anthem - For the Animals

Funny Meat Eater Diss Song


Wendy Datta

A Healer, Animal Whisperer and Teacher of the Stuart Wilde lineage. It’s my intention to start going through her works soon, as I feel there's much beauty and integrity there. Thanks for your healing service to my / the animals, and to Gaia.

Pegasus Healing website



Films, etc:

There are codes, messages, allegories and symbols everywhere in life. Here is a little list of some of the films, etc that I consider high calibre when it comes to this:


They Live (1988)

Great film about a drifter guy who finds a special pair of sunglasses that show him how a demonic race / consciousness is manipulating humanity.

Full Film

They Live, Based on a True Story


PC game: The Longest Journey (2000)

I so love the story and writing of this Fantasy / Sci-Fi adventure game. Beautiful codes throughout.

Set a couple of hundred years in the future, it's about a girl who discovers she is a 'Shifter' and travels between two expressions of Earth. The first: 'Stark' is the world we live in, the world of science and technology. The second: 'Arcadia' is the world of magic and fantasy. The heroines journey...

Spin off sequels were released in 2006, then 2014-16... They're OK, but the original is by far my favourite.

I don't feel I have time or patience to play video games any more, but I like to just watch / listen to playthroughs of this game. Leaving it on in the background helps me relax and fall asleep when other stuff doesn't.




The Man From Earth (2007)

Beautiful film. Goes to show you don't need a big budget to create something powerful and moving.


What Dreams May Come (1998)

Powerful, beautiful Robin Williams film. Incredible imagery of heaven and hell, sacrifice and salvation.


The Matrix Films (1999 - 2003)

So much has already been said about the powerful truths / allegories in these films. The Animatrix is also beautiful, and worth checking out.


The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009)

Loved this film... funny how it got a fairly poor critical reception... often the sign of a gem that 'they' want to veer the masses away from.


V for Vendetta (2005)

Produced by the Wachowskis after they made their money from the matrix films. If you haven't watched it yet... then I suggest watching it.


Fight Club (1999)

“How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?”


Powder (1995)

Great film about an albino guy that possesses extraordinary powers.



Vegan Activists

When I've started to slip and stop caring so much about what's going into my mouth, these guys help me sort myself out and come into closer alignment with morality.

The moral argument for veganism wins hands down every time. And there are enough people of all blood, body and race types who are thriving to show that it can be done.

I'm not perfect though, I've had emotional relapses into animal foods, and periods of not caring. But I look and listen to these guys and remember the truth. Remember my humanity and compassion for the suffering of these poor, beautiful, living, breathing beings.

Here are those who get the highest kudos from me, though there are many other good ones out there. Thank you so much for all that you do. It's because of people like you in the world that slavery was abolished.


Bitesize vegan

Love this girl.

Youtube Channel


Gary Yourofsky

This guy has fought tooth and nail for our cousins in hoof, feather and fin. If you're not vegan but you claim to have a conscience and / or intelligence, I challenge you to watch his presentations and then not change your attitude / lifestyle. He very much influenced me, and for that I sincerely thank him.


13 minute compillation

Full Speech


James Aspey

I love this guys approach when talking to non-vegans. Polite, respectful, concise and poignant. More effective than the anger that we may be tempted to express.

Youtube Channel

BBC Radio Interview


Young Guy Knows Wassup