Heroes, Teachers, Role Models and Guides


For the awareness of stuff that I posses, I owe enormous gratitude to the giants upon who’s shoulders I sit. Without these heroes, I'd probably be fucking lost.

My knowledge is accredited to the information that I have borne witness to throughout the course of my life. Much of this information has been presented to me by people. Now whilst I may not agree with everything every one of them has ever said or done, through intelligent, intuitive discernment, I take and integrate what feels right and true. It's up to you to do the same. So below is a list of the heroes, teachers, role models and guides that come to mind when I consider what is really helping me to evolve to a lighter, brighter way of being. I hope they help you too:

I have decided to list these alphabetically, however I suggest checking out Mark Passio's information as a priority.


Alex Jones

I rate this guy for his passion, courage and research. I was well into his stuff when I was like 15, but then later gravitated more towards David Icke and then Stuart Wilde. He still deserves a shout.



Sacred Mother Ayahuasca, I owe so much to you. So much healing and insight. She has shown me the true multidimensional nature of ourselves and reality. She has shown me mine, and our collective shadow and hellishness in its horrific magnitude. She has also shown me our divine celestial potential, The beauty of those heavenly realms is beyond words. You just have to experience it for yourself. You may be in for an intense ride, but that's what being a brave warrior is all about. If you stay ignorant to these things out of fear, then how can you truly evolve spiritually and grow up? To learn more about this powerful teacher and healer I recommend watching these videos. There is also the Ayahuasca manifesto document that I haven't yet read, but it has been highly recommended by people I trust.

Ayahuasca Manifesto

David Wolfe on Ayahuasca

Graham Hancock - The War on Consciousness BANNED TED TALK

Ayahuasca and Iboga - Plant Medicines

DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2010) HD


Big Narstie aka Uncle Pain

With wise, hilarious advice that I've found to be sound as a pound and deeply rooted in the ground.

I especially rate him for declaring in one of his videos that he is a free man on the land, and words to the effect of “The tax man can come and and have a go with me in Brockwell park if he wants.” Yesss. What a G.

Big Narstie - Celebrity Paedophiles [Uncle Pain]

Big Narstie Responds To The Royal Baby


Bill Hicks

I love this guy with all my heart. Discovering him as a young teenager saved me from feeling truly mentally alone in the world. He was a fucking prophet in my eyes. I highly recommend anything and everything ever done by him. As well as the documentary “American: The Bill Hicks Story”.

Bill Hicks Story - Mushroom trip (sub ITA)

Bill Hicks - Gays in the Military

Bill Hicks on the Elite and Psychedelics


Bob Marley

A man worthy of the universal love and respect bestowed upon him by the people of the world. Some people are just to white for their own good, they don't appreciate reggae. Oh well. For the rest of us Bob Marley has the potential to be beautiful medicine for the soul. A truly wise warrior with a deep understanding of the spiritual battles taking place here, and with the voice of an angel. No one else's music has the power to make me well up as much as this guy. My favorite albums are now Confrontation and Survival.

Bob Marley and the Wailers - Reincarnated Souls

Babylon System- Bob Marley

Bob Marley One Drop


Charlie Brooker

Everything this guy has made is pure gold. I especially love his yearly wipe specials. As well as all of his 'Screenwipe' and 'How TV ruined your life' series. A lot of it was on YouTube last time I checked.

British TV on My Super Sweet 16

Brooker comes back with more My Super Sweet 16 and with a vengeance


David Icke

I was well into him before my interest shifted more towards the work of Stuart Wilde. I still love this guy, I strongly suggest watching some of his lectures and presentations to get clued up.


Gary Yourofsky

This guy is fighting on the front line for animal rights. If you're not vegan but you claim to have a conscience and / or intelligence, I challenge you to watch his presentations and then not change your attitude / lifestyle. He converted me, and for that I sincerely thank him.


Gary Yourofsky Compilation (Awakened Man Sequel)

Gary Yourofsky - A Life-Changing Speech, New York 2014


Immortal Technique

I love this guy's music. I was honored to see him live in Brighton years ago. The album I've played the most is Revolutionary Volume 2. Highly recommend it.

Immortal Technique -One Remix (feat Akir) W/LYRICS HD

Immortal Technique - Leaving the Past (HQ)



The Hindu Gods

Although I'm not Hindu, I still believe in the Hindu Gods. I've had fleeting visions of them a few times in my life, sometimes whilst sober, sometimes whilst not sober. I have a special fondness for Hanuman, The monkey warrior God. Stuart Wilde has said before that the Hindu Gods were once human like us, but they worked on themselves and evolved to their current state. I find that inspiring. They reside in worlds of immense beauty. I want to learn more about them, I just haven't got around to it yet.


Jesus Christ

Whether or not we can prove that this guy actually existed 2000 years ago is somewhat irrelevant to me. The powerful story of his work and the moral codes that are acknowledged therein are what matter the most, and they are eternal and universal. So what does it really matter if it was a literal individual or an allegory? Stuart Wilde and other people have claimed that Jesus was an incarnation of Krishna. I believe that. I also highly recommend reading the short book “The Essene Gospel of Peace”. It is a lost scripture where Jesus talks about not eating animals and not putting your food in the fire, along with fasting and colon cleansing. Make of it what you will, I was certainly very moved by it.




Vegan Straight Edge Badman. I love his 'Integrity' album. Enough said.

JME - Amen - Integrity - Audio - (Feat Skepta Jammer Shorty Frisko)



Keith Mcgrew aka liverawkstar


I first discovered this brother thanks to his 'liferegenerator full of crap' You-tube series. Thanks, I needed that bubble to be popped. He has some cool insight into raw vegan nutrition, but what really made me want to connect with and befriend him is his sharp, wise and sincere demeanor and his videos about magick that have inspired me to get more into elaborate magickal practices.

He also makes beautiful music with his band 'Second Culture'. I suggest checking it out.

Dangers in making all your decisions based on "SCIENCE"

Second Culture - Sorting Sanctuary


Khris Krepcik

A warrior of the Stuart Wilde lineage, he has some good stuff on his website.



Mark Passio

The Passionate Warrior. Wow. This guy knows the deal. I urge you to watch his videos, the order I did them in that worked for me was:

Mark Passio's Kick-Ass Interview on Cancel The Cabal

Mark Passio: Natural Law Seminar - FULL version

Mark Passio - The Matrix Trilogy Decoded

Mark Passio: "Meat Eating is a Dogmatic Religion"

Mark Passio - The Cult Of Ultimate Evil - Order-Followers & The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine


Markus Rothkranz

When I decided it was time to rescue myself out of the pitiful state that I'd gotten myself into, I turned to his 'Heal yourself 101' book. I just read a newsletter from him today saying that he is giving away the eBook version of it for free now. So you literally have no excuse not to get it. For a long time now I've been thinking that when I'm really financially abundant, I want to buy a case of copies of that book to give out to people.

If you want to know about real health and nutrition, this guy would be my number one recommendation.

He is like 50 something now and doesn't look a day over 30. And his wisdom isn't just confined to physical health, He gets the whole mind/body/spirit deal and presents himself damn well. A truly positive inspiration to us all, and proof that we need do no violence unto animals in order to be physically fit and beautiful.

Heal Yourself 101- never get sick again


Marcus Oakey

The idea of a charisma coach may sound a bit whack at first glance, but I downloaded his free eBook and really enjoyed it. So for those of us who can be a bit socially awkward and want to work on it, maybe check him out.

Marcus Oakey | Your Charisma Coach | Full Length HD




I love this guy's YouTube channel. He has a good style and knows his shit in regards to herbal medicine and other matters. He has cool videos on a range of interesting topics. When I have the disposable cheddar I definitely envisage buying and using his products.



Revelations of an elite family insider 2005

This document really shook something up deep inside of me when I read it. All I can say is read it read it read it.

Read it here


Ronnie Whittaker

A fellow warrior of the Stuart Wilde lineage. I am honored to call him a friend and to be participating in his Warriors of Eschaton study group. Highly recommend checking out his website and YouTube channel.


Ronniesblog: Discipline


Santos Bonacci

This guy has some interesting insight and information.



Stuart Wilde

Ah... The Scallywag! I have been referring to this guys work since I first made the conscious decision to evolve spiritually. I don't bother with a lot of the rinky dink “living in the light, heads in the sand, bums up” new age bullshit out there, but this guy had the courage, integrity and authenticity to tell it as it is in regards to all the demonic manipulation taking place here. He also didn't shy away from the essential need for us to process our own darkness and work towards developing humility, integrity and realness. As painful as some of it is to look at; doing so, and then taking sincere, concerted action facilitates powerful self healing and redemption.

Rest in Peace, Brave Soldier.


Getting what you want-- handy trick

Perception& Sensuality Stuart Wilde & R.Tyler

Spiritual Evolution of Dogs Stuart Wilde

Hello God 2.m4v SW all Time favorite Video

Karma, Love and the Fall of Tyrants

Stuart Wilde Interview on Ron James' Bigger Questions - Ivolve TV

Stuart Wilde | "Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power"

Stuart Wilde - The Journey Beyond Enlightenment part one


Vironika Tugaleva

I absolutely loved her book 'The Love Mindset'. I could really relate to her story. Highly recommend.


Awakening to the Love Mindset