In Defence of Tobacco


Granted, inhaling copious amounts of tobacco smoke from plants that were grown, contaminated and packaged by large dodgy multinational corporations is probably not conducive to health. I don't deny that it could catalyze dis-ease, sickness and even death. However I view the blanket demonisation of the tobacco plant in the status quo of our culture as false. Hence the writing of this article to stick up for it. Tobacco has been used for thousands of years by native Americans as a sacrament/sacred plant/spiritual tool. I have observed its ability to clear negative energy and provide one with etheric protection. The inhalation of smoke is not required for this, but not to be disregarded either. A valid point is one can use tobacco as a snuff with debatably negligible physically detrimental effects. One can also use tobacco smoke without inhaling it, like a cigar. I do a bit of all 3 now and then. Some people say this is bad for my health, I say meh.

Did it ever occur to you that perhaps these dark occultists in government have metaphysical awareness of the ability of a plant to provide psychic protection, and therefore brainwash its population into completely disregarding any respect for it; and in fact condemning something that has been a part of human spiritual practice for millennia?

Tobacco or no tobacco, protection comes from awareness, integrity and correct action. So the choice is yours, If you choose to partake in inhaling tobacco smoke, I recommend using additive free products from companies like Pueblo and Natural American Spirit. Ghouls don't like smoke, but perhaps your lungs don't either.

For those of you that like the idea of inhaling plants without taking smoke into your lungs, I recommend the vaping tonic blends sold at . You need a good piece of hardware for these liquids. They don't contain any nicotine, but I find them fun.