I have acquired some beautiful, magical gem stone beads for making bracelets and necklaces with.

If you'd like me to make you one then it will be my honour. You're most welcome to get in touch. Tell me what beads you like, and how long you want me to make it. I understand that everyone has different levels of financial freedom, so tell me how much you are happy and comfortable to pay for this service, and if I feel your offer is fair, I will go ahead and create one for you.

Below are photographs of the beads that I currently have to work with, along with some of the magical properties of each stone that I have read about. If interested, I suggest looking up the properties of the stones yourself to find out more.

I very much appreciate your interest,







1. Red Jasper.JPG

Red Jasper

Vibrancy and Endurance. A talisman of warriors and promoter of justice, protection and life. Stamina, focus, determination.

Setting goals and following through to completion, facing unpleasant tasks and having the courage to rectify wrongs.

Passion, manifesting creative ideas, dream recall. Grounding. Protection. Calming. Empowerment.


2. Shungite.JPG


Powerful protection from negative energies.

Psychic Protection

Shields from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, cell towers, TVs, etc.

Boosts energy. Promotes positivity. Grounding. Normalzes sleep. woks with all the chakras.


3. Pyrite - fools gold.JPG

Pyrite / Fools Gold

Positivity. Manifestation. Encourages abundance. Sun. Boosts self worth. Strengthens willpower. Masculine energy. Solar plexus chakra.


4. Red Carnelian.JPG

Red Carnielian

Stabilising. Restores vitality and motivation. Gives Courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success.


5. Lapis Lazuli.JPG

Lapis Lazuli

Protection. Releases stress, brings peace. Harmony and deep inner self knowledge. Promotes critical thinking. Emotional strength.


6. Amethyst.JPG


Third eye and crown chakra. Air, water. Spiritual awareness. Increases nobility. Relieves stress. Protection. Remembering and understanding dreams.


7. Black Tourmaline.JPG

Black Tourmaline

Psychic protection. Protection from EMFs

Emits negative ions and far infra red rays.

Grounding. Encourages positive attitude.


9. Smoky quartz. Poppy Jasper.JPG

Poppy Jasper, Smoky Quartz

Poppy Jasper: Inspires a positive, joyful outlook. Eases stress. Vitality. Enthusiasm. Inner strength. Mental fortitude.

Smoky Quartz: Helps with emotional conditions and trauma. Grounding. Root chakra. Improves connection to the physical world. Improving survival instincts. Dissolving negative energies.


8. Rose quartz, jade, citrine.JPG

Rose Quartz, Jade, Citrine.

Rose Quartz: Enhances Love in all situations. Unconditional Love. Harmony in Relationships. Self Love. Friendship.

Jade: Prosperity and abundance. Heart Chakra. Courage. Acceptance.

Citrine: Optimism. Warmth. Clarity. Creativity. Pleasure. Sacral, solar plexus and crown chakra. Air element. Energises. Prosperity.


10. pendants.JPG
Clasps - Findings.JPG