Temet Nosce


It's Latin. Means “know thyself”. An aspect of my getting to know myself has been getting to know the significance of where the stars and planets were at when I was born. My Astrological birth chart.

A lot of rigidly intellectual left-brain dominant muggles don't believe in astrology. They are ignorant of the natural correspondence law of 'as above, so below'. They won't comprehend how this universe is alive and holographic, therefore of course the movement and alignment of our surrounding celestial bodies influences us, because it is us.

The clever satanic psychopaths in power have knowledge and understanding of this truth. So we can see them care-fully acting in unison with the movement of celestial bodies in order to more successfully carry out their devilish work. The forces of this universe respond to such concerted, aligned energy and action. It reminds me of how I was once told that in Hinduism, Brahma grants power to a demon if it has discipline. This seems evident as I look around at the world.

They also don't want us to know our birth chart information, as that knowledge can positively empower us. Which is why the time you were born is not written on your birth certificate. Fortunately my parents were conscious enough to take note of mine. If your lucky then yours were too. If not then oh well, not the end of the world. You can still work out a lot of your chart just based on your Birthday. It's also possible that if you can actually get a copy of your genuine certification of live birth, rather than your 'legal fiction' birth certificate, you may find the time of your birth there. Good luck!

Reading my birth chart has been enlightening. It's given me greater understanding of my energy, traits, strengths, weaknesses and potential. At first I just searched “free birth chart reading” and then used the first few websites. Then I went to cafeastrology and bought an in-depth profile for $8, it was good. Next when I have the disposable cheddar I want to actually get an in-depth reading from a real life flesh and blood astrologer. When the time's right I guess.

Tobacco, My Friend.