"The Messianic Mission" - Episode 2


The death of my old teacher Stuart Wilde in May 2013 heralded the onset of another episode of messianic psychosis. During the time building up to it, I had been watching a lot of liferegenerator videos and generally working to get my physical and spiritual health on form. At the same time I was relapsing and binging on lots of alcohol, mdma and sweet music. What can I say? These things make you feel good, and when I was feeling shit or mediocre, I would often just take something into my body to make me feel fantastic again.

Anyway, I took it hard when he died. I felt my light/energy building up again to the levels of episode 1, no electric guitars in my head this time though, unfortunately. But I still felt fucking charged to take on the world. Here is the story of my mission and fall.

I took it upon myself to write to spread the word of truth again as I perceived it. I see now how I was wrong and deluded about some stuff, like the liferegenerator part. That is, unless he actually grows a backbone and a conscience and joins us full throttle in the war against all the satanic sorcery of our collective darkness instead of all this “All I see is light.” Bollocks. Yeah, so satanic pedophilia and murder along with animal torture is all light? Grow a heart Dan, maybe if it was your children you'd feel differently about it. You think? Allowing evil to run amok without thinking you should do something about it is evil, and cowardly. I hope you come to see this bro.

But generally I still like what I wrote. I believed I was in mortal danger and that these dark magicians were actually going to try and physically kill me. So I felt an urgency to do something snappy. Over the space of one night I wrote a document called 'WC101' for “warrior code 101”. I have pasted the document in it's entirety at the bottom of the page for you to check out.

I emailed this text anonymously to a couple of people, and put it on a couple of memory sticks that I gave to some of my friends. I also posted one through the door of my favorite Indian takeaway at the time. So that if something did happen to me, my words were still out there. Of course nothing did happen to me, I just went on the war path following my impulses wherever they took me.

One night in my flat I was lying down and in the corner of the room was a black dragon being. It looked pissed off, like it was writhing to death. I tried fighting with it a bit but then got fed up and just let it do it's thing. Eventually I fell asleep.

Another morning at sunrise I saw an apparition of a massive gold grail hovering above the sea for a few moments.

Eventually I decided to go to London. At Eastbourne train station there was a police helicopter hovering above me in the car park, so I gave it my signature moonie, body-cross, V for Victory, middle finger salute motion. I gave a Stuart Wilde Warrior's Prayer card to a kid standing nearby, then boarded a train to Victoria. Upon arriving I marched on to Buckingham palace. There an Italian couple asked me to take a photo of them. So I did, and then I asked them to take a photo of me giving the palace my middle finger salute. When I get around to visiting Rome, I hope that I can find a nice couple who will take a photo of me giving my finger to the Vatican. Let's see. I then proceeded to dancing on the royal artillery memorial whilst listening to 'Paschendale' by Iron Maiden. That was until I felt a sudden sharp etheric hit in my chest and retreated. (I suggest reading this article: Redeeming the Souls of Battle)

I went to visit my dear friend in Wood Green whom I liken to the queen of cups tarot card. I helped her to buy a new computer based on the numerology of the price. I gave her my pink water bottle and WC101. I ate some bread, fish and crisps in ASDA, then later she further fed and clothed me, and looked after me while I spaced the fuck out in her flat. I felt a deep cosmological expansion and a real getting of how EVERY BODY IS A STAR. That night I experienced an intense series of visions of a being morphing from one form to another many times, I can't remember all the shapes and forms it took, but I think one looked like a Goddess and one looked like a digestive tract. Finally it started as a point of light in the midst of complete darkness, as the light grew closer and stronger, I saw that it was a beautiful white gold dragon. She quickly ate me in one sharp SNAP. Then I was unconscious until morning.

Ped and Luke came to bring me back to Eastbourne. At Victoria station I had another meal that included the elements of fish and red wine, there may have also been bread, I can't remember. Upon arrival I drank some beer and danced to music in my flat. It was good, but I was still laboring under the belief that I was in mortal danger.

When they had eventually left me, I took it upon myself to go to Brighton. There I swam in the sea, then went and sat with a guy who was just chilling on the beach, drinking a pack of Guinness. He gave me one, we chatted a bit, then I left. He asked me if I wanted the wet pink boxers that I had left there, I said he could throw them away.

I then walked around and threw my wallet into a buskers guitar case. I knew that by giving away all my money that I would probably receive it all back more than ten-fold. My friends and family thought I was wrong and deluded to do this, but I did get fuck loads of money back. Just not in the way I'd hoped, but by means of government sickness welfare.

I made friends with a man wearing red and black who had a beautiful dog. Maybe it was a sheep dog. I walked around with him until he went home. Then I met a middle aged man by the clock tower. He was kind to me, he gave me one of his cans of special brew. He seemed somewhat baffled and alienated by my demeanor, so I gave him my rose quartz egg “FOR LOVE” and bade him farewell. Eventually I showed up at my friends Thom and Chris' house.

I stayed the night, the next morning I went out, smashed my phone, swam naked in the sea, and then stole a green bottle of sparkling water. When I got back to my friends, Chris' mum came and drove us back to Eastbourne. Circumstances unfolded and I ended up getting sectioned again.

In the psych ward in Hastings that I arrived at, I could see on the news that the Woolwich terror murders had just taken place. Fuck, I thought... WOOL – Lamb, was this some kind of satanic sacrifice being made to combat me? I thought so at the time. The whole thing was fucked, I was in a right state, totally swamped by demonic forces, literally hell. I felt like there were dark dark sorcerers doing black black magick at me.

Some dodgy looking catholic priests were lingering around the place too. All this pedophilia and murder should be publicly acknowledged and the guilty should be charged under common law. http://itccs.org/

When I was taken to the Eastbourne hospital things got a bit better. I made many beautiful friends, many of who’s names I have forgotten now, but I remember Lawrence, Roscoe, George, That bald scouse bloke, Jack, Vick, and a girl whose name has the same “Mother Goddess” etymology as the one in Charing Cross. I did my transdimensional warrior thing, I played lots of loud music and danced around. That was until the staff decided it was too stimulating for me and confiscated the radio. That was a dick move. I noticed that the nicest nurses in both London and Eastbourne were the Irish ones as a whole. I like the Irish, they have heart. Gradually the medication that I was violently imbibed with took its course and I descended deeper and deeper into the pits of hellish depression. Never felt so terrible in my life.

Eventually I was released a broken man, I just didn't give a fuck about anything any more... so I just did my thing until getting to were I am now.

For a while I had been assigned a care coordinator called Michael. He was a good man. Although I wasn't up for most of his suggestions, I wanted to just be miserable for a while, perhaps I needed it.

Enjoy WC101 below, please remember that this was written over 3 years ago, and whilst the core of what I wrote I still see as true, I acknowledge that some of the perceptions and ideas that I had may have been a bit skewed or just plain inaccurate:



Warrior Code 101

Dedicated to Stuart Wilde. A Soldier.

Thank you to the xx and the codes in your albums which helped me to feel reassured.

Dear Brother's and Sister's of Om and Ka.

I feel like a very blessed being here with you all. I have been beaten about in this life, but haven't we all in one way or another? In all humility I consider myself to be wise and intelligent, I understand the nature of this journey that we are on. Since I can remember I always thought along the lines of 'I can't wait to leave this place and go to heaven'. Something in my soul felt very out of place and alienated here, I have been shunned rather a lot by people but now I have a fuller understanding of why, what my mission is here, and what is to come. I offer you this lamp which is simply my vision of what this place is, who we are, and how we can start sorting things out for ourselves.

How to be spiritual warrior's and fight for our redemption.

If you are quite familiar with the writings of Stuart Wilde then please bear with me as I am really writing this for humanity as a whole in order to deliver a wake up call, to help them to understand their divinity and light, but also the ugliness of their ways, their evil and their karma so that they can either decide to fix it or at least leave this place with more of an awareness of what and why it is happening to them.

Essentially the intention is for this text to act as a sort of manual for understanding your karma and showing you how to go about healing things if you so choose.

If you choose to align with the light then I will show you how to formulate a battle plan for yourself towards developing the existence of a spiritual warrior and redeeming your own soul. This is just the method I am using and it is working for me, so I could not live with myself if I did not at least try to share it with people. I truly believe that we are in the end times, and now that Stuart has left I want to offer a ray of hope for us. This morning on my sunrise walk I saw an apparition in the sky of the holy grail hover above the sea for a few seconds. That was the first time I have ever seen an apparition in the sky so I guess it's worth mentioning.

Also I would like to share with you my beloved teachers and inspirations who have downloaded many codes to me over the years.

Stuart Wilde by miles above the rest, he has trained me into the man I am today. I have so much love and gratitude for the retired soldier. If you haven't really ever gotten into him, I recommend you download his journey beyond enlightenment audio series from a torrent or buy the CD’s. That's a good place to start. (edit: this audio book is now on YouTube.)

I really love Dan McDonald the life regenerator on YouTube. I honestly believe he is the redeemer for the Christians. It is from watching his videos that I have gained confidence in myself again as a spiritual warrior, him and Stuie.

Revelations of an Elite family Insider 2005 – Apart from Gods Gladiators I have never read a piece of text that explained so much and left me with such a strange feeling of elation, awareness and acceptance.

Bill Hicks, how you enriched my lonely and bitter early teenage years.

Alex Jones for his heroic courage and declared service to God.

David Icke for your unraveling and exposing of the satanic elite bloodlines.

There are codes everywhere for us, in music, nature, films, books, conversations.

This universe is a hologram of consciousness and energy, one cannot exist without the other, quantum physics proves that. This entire universe is a vastly complex living sentient being. You are essentially an infinite divine holographic drop of universal ocean consciousness that has for some reason wound up here, on this planet where great beauty exists alongside great ugliness and atrocities. I have come to believe that this is not just down to chance, but down to karma. Essentially it's all mathematics at a core level.

This planet is sick, and it is us that is making her sick. We make her sick with our hatred and nastiness. The animals are her children and the way we treat them is so atrocious that visionaries can see her tears as vast geometric codes. Her vengeance is upon us now.

For Eons human darkness has been hidden from an awareness of itself.

There is a reason why an evil elite has had its tentacles around us this whole time, it's a hologram of our own mistreatment of our families and of other people. There is so much disdain in the world, people don't want anything to do with each other and are self obsessed, arrogant and egocentric. There is good in us as well, humans are not light or dark, all we ever are is various shades of grey.

This is a penal colony and a correctional facility for fallen souls. Good souls don't usually need to come here, you come here to either stop being evil and arrogant or spiral downwards into ever more degraded levels of consciousness.

So whilst we may feel victimized and innocent about it all if you look deeper inside your soul you will learn that this is not the case. I have had to make the journey of looking into my own darkness, I have much arrogance, egocentricity and evil atrocities that I have committed, the way I have treated other people, my family, animals. Our darkness is eternal, just like our light, so whilst we can't change the things we have done, we can change the way that we feel about them.

We are transdimensional beings, straddled across many dimensions like layers of jam through a sponge cake, an unconscious part of your being is already in heaven or hell right now, I have seen both and believe me, I choose the celestial realms over the boggy swamps of hatred any day of the week.

So you've twigged to whole karma thing and now you want out of shit creek, let me hand you a paddle, you choose which direction to go with it.

If you have any perception at all you will see that some people are simply too far gone and demoniacally possessed to have any prayer of making it. Having said that you could be the worlds most evil and demonic person and still have some prayer of changing if you really wanted to. The thing is that these people don't really want to, they are reptilian hell-world beings who like their evil as it makes them feel powerful and they are addicted to the 'dark ecstasy' of it all.

The greatest con you could ever play on yourself is thinking that you have no shadow or no crimes at all, Pray for spirit to show you an awareness of your darkness, once you realise it and see the error of your ways you can go about transmuting it and redeeming your soul. Here's what I did:

I made 3 lists.

One of all the shadow traits I could identify in myself like: violence, hatred, anger, bitterness, resentment, arrogance, elitism, self obsession, greed, selfishness, lovelessness, guilt, shame, self sabotage, jealousy, lust, gluttony, dishonesty etc etc etc.

One with all the crimes I have committed: The murder and remorseless consumption of Gaia's children (aka animals), the people I have hurt, the con jobs, etc etc etc

And one with all the people I felt have hurt me in my life. It makes sense that you can't expect God to forgive you if you can't forgive God.

I then allocated myself some time in each morning for 30 days to sit down and meditate upon these things, looking at them head on, understanding them, empathizing with them, offering them my love, forgiveness and divinity, resolving to be a better person and be more conscious of my energy.

Processing your darkness is an ongoing process and I'm not sure if there's ever a point when you can say 'I'm done'. I've been processing mine for 5 years and every now and then I like to do the 30 days again.

Make eye contact with people in the street, offer them a kind thought, blow love to them. Talk to them. When I pass people I mentally say 'peace be with you'. Give of your energy, offer your service and kindness and divinity. Think about how you might become a servant of humanity rather than a predator or an indifferent bystander.

It is through service to humanity and Gaia that you will redeem your soul and return to the loving embrace of the divine realms.

The darkness of the world is being exposed and crushed so you decide, even if you don't make it out in this lifetime you can still improve your karma for the next go. Choices.

I am a Soldier and it is my mission to call out the darkness of the world so that it can be redeemed. I fight in the other worlds for us because I love you and I am willing to do what it takes to help you and to help Gaia, even if it means my life.

It is my intention to find soldiers of the same ilk to fight the battle for justice and freedom from the demonic controllers.

If you hear the calling please act now as I need you desperately, I am alone here and I need you with me. Study the teachers I have pointed you towards and honor yourself by fighting the good fight in these times.

I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid. You're afraid of us. You're afraid of change. I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin. I'm going to hang up this phone, and then I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries; a world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.

Peace be with you.

"The Messianic Mission" - Episode 3