"The Messianic Mission" - Episode 3


After Messianic Psychosis Episode 2 there was a long period of darkness and self loathing that followed. So what did I do between then and now? for the first year or so I mostly just received welfare, drank strong cider, ate cheese and takeaways, watched Sci-Fi TV series and youtube bollocks, did some bulimic stuff and grew more and more fat, ill and butters. I gained about 3 stone of fat, ill and buttersness. The second year I really realized this (partly thanks to such encouraging words from my best friends Ped and Luke as: “Melted Camembert face!”. “Chucky Cheese!” “You should be twerkin' that!”. “You cheese eating bastard!”. “Wasteman. Hows your goitre?”. “Cider tits!”. “Jasper McGoitre!”. “Guys shouldn't have Backoff!”. And so on)

I started the arduous process of getting my mental, physical and spiritual health together again. Markus Rothkranz's work helped me a lot here, Especially his 'Heal yourself 101' book. Thanks Bro.

I juice fasted, I sorted my diet out, got back into doing affirmations and meditation, reading and watching self help material. I got therapy for the bad OCD that I had developed. I did some serious rebounding on my exercise trampoline. I listened to Michael Jackson's “Man in the Mirror” song full blast at least once every morning. I danced around to beautiful music alone. I went for long walks in nature alone. Basically healed and got my shit together, and if I can, you probably can too.

So after a couple of years of living all right, enjoying life, bouncing between living healthy and sober, and not so healthy and sober. Not really knowing or needing to know what I should do, I eventually came across Mark Passio's kick ass interview, I then watched his Natural Law and decoding of the matrix trilogy presentations. Suddenly it all made sense again. I was right all along, I just didn't have everything it took.

I do have a messianic mission, but I'm not the only one. Every intelligent moral being has a messianic mission to spread the truth and fight the lies. “It's just that some of us have remembered that mission a little more than others”, to coin Mark's words.

So hence my presentation of information, and my renewed care and will to carry out the great work. All I care about serving is truth, so please listen to what I have to say, and let your own intelligent common sense and conscience be your guide.

I see our salvation out of this mess lying in the embrace of courage, the education of and working on of ourselves, and our educating of the police and military boys and their families. Without their allegiance, these satanic psychopaths will have a lot less power.

Once we truly know ourselves and our enemy, through naturally lawful rebellion and disobedience I envisage us bringing these tyrannical satanic sorcerers to their fucking knees. When the people truly wise up to how they are being butt raped by the whore of Babylon, they will want to rip its fucking heart out. That's my hope anyway. Please help to make it a reality. And let's hope we do it as non-violently and intelligently as possible, This Armageddon thing is to be a tactful battle. I'd rather not see things go to Mad Max, but if that's what it takes then fuck it. BASTA!

Declarations and affirmations